Mandatory Compliances For a Partnership Firm

Jitesh Agarwal | 30 April 2018

Partnership firms are relatively easy to start and are prevalent amongst small and medium sized businesses in the unorganized sectors. With the introduction of Limited Liability Partnerships in India, Partnership Firms are losing their prevalence due to the added advantages offered by a Limited Liability Partnership.

Requirement Explanation
Obtaining PAN
Every Partnership firm must procure a PAN Card from
the Income Tax Authorities.
Income Tax Return Every Partnership firm must file Income Tax return
irrespective of amount of income or loss in Form ITR-5
Tax Audit The Partnership firm is liable for tax audit if:

  • Total Sales/Gross turnover exceeds Rs 1 Crore
  • In case of Profession, if gross receipts exceed INR 50 lakhs.

The registration of Partnership firms is very simple, which can be done by filing an application with prescribed fees to the Registrar of Firms. It is to be noted that registration of Partnership firms with the Registrar of Firms is not mandatory, but registration with the Income Tax department is mandatory.

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