Non-profit organisation in India (NPO) is the most common type of societal institutions that do not have a commercial interest which works for promoting a specific social or charitable purpose and not for profits.

We are happy to introduce our handbook on the topic “Non-Profit Organisation in India”.

We have covered the limited but significant areas as below-mentioned:

- About NPO,

- NPO Registration and its forms,

- Impact of Income-tax Regulations,

- Foreign Funding

Non-Profit Organisation in India - Handbook Download
Non-Profit organization in India - Download Handbook

We trust the document will help to get effortless understanding and thoughts by considering the impact of it over operation.

We hope you will find this useful.

Treelife always tries to bring you to ease in terms of understanding the business and its requirement. We care for your challenges and always stand beside to simplify it.

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