Blue Collar vs. White Collar

But it is always overlooked when considering the differences between white and blue collar although it’s ironically the most important distinction. Thus statistically, blue collar people live shorter lives, and lives with very high incidents of lifelong work related Blue Collar vs. White Collar pain, injury and illness. There is no way I’m going to retire with numerous medical problems because of the back breaking work the majority of blue collar people do + drug addictions. Alcohol and Nicotine addiction are common in the blue collar community.

They expect the money to solve all their problems, which simply it does not happen. And I know I have made many english mistakes on my last post, and probably on this one. I am writting on an Ipad (much slower…), but the thing is, I just care that the message gets across well. I don’t care about loosing time correcting all small mistakes, even more on an ipad. And being in between finishing my college education or quitting and choosing something I feel to be more productive and helpful for the world, I will try to give my opinion. I just got out of the oil patch making 80k a year to start a career in the gas industry, find a 19 year old or any guy my age just getting out of college making that kind of money – and let me know. Comparing high-school grads to college is, on the contrary, anything BUT useless.

Going With A Blue Collar Millennial

I don’t enjoy sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen all day inside my cubicle working for some distant corporate objective, this is not how humans were meant to live. On the other hand, I have worked construction during the summers and find a great amount of satisfaction from it. I’m outside, with sun shining on me, getting exercise and at the same time I’m providing a most basic human need of creating shelter for someone.

Blue Collar vs. White Collar

Because many of these positions are knowledge-oriented and involve the management or interpretation of specialized information, a bachelor's degree or higher is useful. Expertise in a particular area is often essential for these positions.

How Can Inappropriate Attire In The Workplace Affect Women?

If you have a white collar heart, PLEASE thrust yourself into associating with white collar persons. If you don’t believe there are meaningful differences, go to a supermarket in a blue collar neighborhood and juxtapose it to one in a white collar neighborhood- do some people watching. Most white collar jobs are no where near as complicated as rocket science like some people what to make it seem. And not all of them are respectful, law abiding, sharply dressed and sophisticated. Experts agree that at both a higher and lower level, there needs to be additional support and protections for blue-collar workers. "Not surprisingly, they were the ones that were lost in the shuffle during the pandemic," says Kalish.

Blue Collar vs. White Collar

In some cases plants were moved out of the Northeast and Midwest and into the South for cheaper labor. In the 1990s layoffs were used more commonly to restructure firms and increase competitiveness. Some already profitable firms used layoffs to generate even more profit.

Popular Differences

Blue-collar workers can work in various non-office settings, such as warehouses, construction sites, workshops, production lines, outdoor areas, etc. In terms of salary, many blue-collar jobs offer workers the minimum wage that is paid on an hourly or daily basis, whereas the white-collar workers are paid weekly or monthly. The difference in salary turned out to be the origin of social classes in society.

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  • However, the definition of white-collar work has since expanded to include any position that primarily involves information-based work free of manual labor.
  • A retrospective cohort study, published in Epidemiology, found that blue-collar workers were more likely to be treated for depression than white-collar workers.
  • The two measures produce similar results, but for this analysis, the hours-based metric was used in order to exclude employees who only work minimal hours remotely.
  • White collar usually works indoors and with a desk and computer.

Skilled blue collar workers can typically find jobs that use their skill set without extra training. Many blue collar workers also benefit from the ability to leave work at work and enjoy a satisfying personal life. Once the shift is over, his or her loyalty can shift from his employer to his family. A white collar worker in a supervisory or managerial position may be asked to sacrifice a personal life in exchange for company loyalty. While blue collar workers may be asked or compelled to work overtime hours, these sacrifices are generally voluntary and well-compensated.

Key Questions You Should Always Be Asking Of Your Knowledge Workers

–When you shop, you’re a smarter consumer, when you eat, you diet intelligently. When you consider a job, or need to articulate an idea to others, or when you examine ANY situation, you do so with more incite, etc.., etc.., -you will simply LIVE A SMARTER LIFE. White collar persons see things like college and learning as a rigorous process to not only learn more but more importantly, THINK MORE INTELLIGENTLY. High-level communication, profoundly developed critical thinking skills from years and years of rigorous university testing are NOT reasonably tradable or compatible to a plumber who makes good money. By they way- I am a Master Degree recipient from Rutgers business marrying a blue collar man who just earned his master plumbers license and is starting a new job at Princeton university making $120k a year. In summary, those “wimpy” white collar guys in their “lame” offices EARN MORE, KNOW MORE and live healthier and longer lives. Police officers, firemen, and most enlisted military are not white collar.

  • The acquisition of human capital also spurs greater income growth over time.
  • Workers of any profession can be classified in a specific collar type job, including white, blue, pink, black, etc.
  • But the entire university degree system is a religion of fraud designed to brainwash one group against another for the investment banking class of parasites that set up this entire backward system.
  • White-collar occupations are often performed in an office environment with a desk and computer, whereas blue-collar positions are less defined.
  • The difference between blue collar and white collar jobs is fading away with the passage of time due to the low pay scale of the white collar jobs and high demand of skilled labors.
  • Granted they are blanket statements that shouldn’t necessarily cover all aspects of both Blue and White collared workers, but he’s pretty close.

Dan Kalish is the founder and owner of HKM Employment Attorneys LLP, the largest plaintiff’s employment law firm in the United States. Jenkins believes that the pandemic highlighted, for many organizations, the inequity between frontline workers and corporate employees. “Many organizations did not do a good job of acknowledging the gap or communicating with both sets of employees effectively,” she says. Verywell Mind articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and mental healthcare professionals.

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A body of research suggests that high-wage, middle-skill positions — like the skilled trades — still face stigmas that prevent people from pursuing those careers. All of these are jobs that pay well, are in high demand and have stayed resilient even amid the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. But while the need for skilled workers in these positions continues to increase, too many jobs remain unfilled — and the country is paying the price. White-collar occupations are often performed in an office environment with a desk and computer, whereas blue-collar positions are less defined. Often, this personnel operates in the background, using heavy gear to manufacture a product or provide a service with their handiwork. If the 20th century saw workers classified by either a white or blue collar, then you could say the 21st century may commingle the colors until they turn a pleasing shade of pearl gray. At least, this is the way some of the sea changes taking place in the world of work appear right now.

What color collar is a nurse?

Nurses are blue collar paraprofessionals. White collar = professionals.

It’s also useful to note that some people make a blue collar to white collar transition over the course of their careers. These would be CEOs who start at the bottom, doing some menial jobs, and then working their way up. However, many of the "return to work" strategies emphasized corporate employees and how the pandemic impacted them. The physical demand on blue-collar workers has been identified in previous research as an independent risk factor for depression and anxiety.  White collar jobs are linked to the generally higher paying type of jobs.

What Is The History Of Worker Designation By Collar?

Since all the blue-collar jobs are manual, it is important to retain experienced workers. In the current scenario, it isn’t easy to find a skilled blue-collar worker. There are low paying blue collar jobs, and there are high paying blue collar jobs. Anecdotes of some college educated guys still acting immature, just like citing blue collar workers who may frequent museums, is NOT BY ANY MEANS GAME CHANGING. John, speaking of the value of education and class to a blue collar worker is totally analogous to a Roman discussing civilization to a Hun. To put it quite succinctly, blue collar people are just that….inferior and barbaric in consciousness. You cannot change them and in my opinion, I would not want to change them.

What are blue and GREY collar jobs?

They are unlike blue-collar workers, who can often be trained on the job within several weeks, whereas grey-collar workers already have a specific skill set and require more specialized knowledge than their blue-collar counterparts.

Some white collar workers have hourly jobs in large offices. There are a number of differences between blue and white collar jobs, though they are often grouped based on the sort of work that is done and the type of education or training that is required. Blue collar jobs tend to involve manual labor, and white collar work is often performed in an office environment. Another distinction that is sometimes made is the prevalence of hourly wages in blue collar jobs, contrasted with the salaried positions of white collar workers. White collar jobs often require a higher level of education, while blue collar workers may need vocational or on the job training. Many jobs do not fit well into the blue collar and white collar categories, especially where the service sector is concerned.

I get that many women defend their workhorse men by saying they feel “protected around them” especially if they happen to be in a bad neighborhood and their safety is in question. They say it’s like walking around with your own ‘human pitbull’ by your side.

  • For results based on the total sample of employed adults, the margin of sampling error is ±2 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.
  • I myself went to a community college for 2 years at half time while working a part time job, and while my tenure there, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do.
  • Blue-collar workers of this generation want to have new experiences as rewards for their works.
  • “I know so many frontline/blue-collar workers who felt disposable during the height of the pandemic, and they still haven’t mentally recovered from that,” she says.

Because of this limitation, blue-collar don’t know how to interpret sophistication. It doesn’t fit within their ‘tough or weak’ model of reality and so they misinterpret white-collar politeness as weak. A man who is polished is too abstract a concept for these people. Perhaps you will gain a bit more perspective on the world around you. Your family should be exposed to well-educated cultures to expand their perceptions instead of being around common, cynical foul-mouthed defeated people, who bring out the worst.

In many instances, blue-collar jobs offer an hourly wage and are assigned a certain amount of hours or shifts per week. Both professional categories have the ability to earn high wages based on experience, skills and position. A blue-collar job would traditionally focus on physical exertion, rather than mental attention.

Blue Collar vs. White Collar

Learning Discover courses and other experiences that bring out what’s best in you, the people around you and your entire organization. Customer Centricity Put the customer at the core of every part of your organization to deliver exceptional experiences and grow your business. A physician examines patients, diagnoses health problems and develops treatment plans. This medical professional may order and interpret diagnostic tests, prescribe medications and counsel patients on managing their health. A physician needs to graduate from an accredited medical school and pass a licensing exam to practice. Many choose to specialize in fields such as cardiology or neurology. Accountants maintain budgets, manage financial transactions, reconcile accounts payable, and receivable and process tax payments and returns.

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