EdTech Company – Incorporation to Acquisition Stage

08 November 2022

Client: EdTech company and Founder

Our Engagement: We worked with the company right from incorporation through till the acquisition in various engagements of legal, finance, compliance and advisory. We closely reviewed the founders exit, the acquisition and liaised for regulatory of their international expansion.

Actions carried out:

  • Setting up the entire initial finance and legal framework and executing it.
  • Represented the company in their due diligence and legal functions while raising their investment rounds.
  • Liaise with global consulting firms and legal firms to explore setting up the international business.
  • Represent interest of founder and company along with other firms consulting on a transaction


  • Considering our robust initial setup of the processes, it was easier to migrate the legal and financial processes inhouse at scale.
  • Our deep understanding of the business since the inception made us a key PoC for stakeholders to validate their ideas from a regulatory perspective.
  • High vote of confidence in key business decisions of the company.
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