Tax and Regulatory

Expert advice on AIF setup, tax advisory, transaction structuring, transfer pricing, equity restructuring, and financial modeling. Optimizing financial strategies and ensuring tax compliance for sustainable growth.

Services Offered

We are a top-tier financial advisory firm offering startups a comprehensive suite of tax and regulatory structuring support. Our services include investment instrument analysis, transaction tax, FEMA advisory, and cap table structuring. Additionally, we provide cross-border business solutions, entity structuring, incorporation services, and innovative financing strategies. For investors, we specialize in AIF setup, offering structuring, fund documentation, SEBI registration support, and strategic tax advisory.

Tax and Regulatory Structuring Support

Get tailored financial advisory for startups and businesses, specializing in Investment Instrument Analysis (Equity, Preference Shares, CCD, Convertible Note, Warrants), Transaction Tax, Regulatory Analysis, Transfer Pricing, and ESOP Structuring

Cross Border Business Solution

Expand globally with expert solutions designed for startups and businesses. Access Entity Structuring and Incorporation across key international destinations. Utilize Externalisation/Flip and Reverse Flip Structures, Mirror/Shadow Structures with put/call options, and ECB Structuring with precise regulatory filings. Ensure efficient and compliant cross-border operations

Due Diligence Readiness

Ensure readiness for investor scrutiny with accurate accounting and compliance. Conduct vendor due diligence to rectify errors and minimize costs for hassle-free funding rounds

AIF Setup

Optimize investments with specialized Fund setup services. Covering AIF/Angel Fund/FPI Structuring and Setup, Fund Documentation, SEBI Registration Support, and strategic Tax Advisory. Tailored structures to align with your investment goals

Financial Modelling and Valuation Support

Enhance decision-making with advanced Financial Modelling Support. Access tailored financial modeling for startups, businesses, and investors. Obtain valuation reports (Registered Valuer, Merchant Banker, or from a CA) as per regulatory requirements

Technology and Process Implementation

Integration of financial technologies, optimization of chart of accounts, drafting SOPs for internal controls, and assistance in ERP implementations for efficient bookkeeping and streamlined processes

Why choose Us?

Entrepreneurs and Investors are burdened with responsibilities and overstretched on resources. By taking over responsibility for critical backend activities.

Tax and Regulatory

Technology First Approach

We leverage tools and technology to provide efficient and effective solutions for our clients.

Tax and Regulatory

Deep Domain Expertise

Our team has extensive knowledge in the field of startups and investments, ensuring best solutions each time.

Tax and Regulatory

Interdisciplinary Synergy

Our team of different professionals collaborate to create synergy for our clients making us a one-stop shop.

Tax and Regulatory

Faster TAT

We prioritize efficient service to deliver results promptly, ensuring quick delivery consistently.

Meet the Core team

Our team brings together expertise from diverse & reputable backgrounds – chartered accountants, lawyers, and company secretaries – providing a one-stop solution to meet your varied needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team specialises in Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) structuring. Our services include designing ESOP schemes tailored to your company’s objectives, ensuring compliance with regulations, and advising on the implementation process.

Our team offers expert services in developing comprehensive, detailed and realistic financial models and conducting business valuations that assist in strategic planning, investment analysis, and fundraising. Our valuation services include providing RV, MB and CA Valuation reports based on the regulatory requirement encompassing various methods including discoiunted cash flow(DCF) , Net Asset Value (NAV) method, etc.

Our team provides expert guidance on the tax implications of financial transactions. Our services include identifying potential tax liabilities, advising on tax-efficient transaction structures, and ensuring compliance with current tax laws and regulations.

Our expertise in cross border transactions encompasses a comprehensive range of services tailored to navigate the complexities of international finance including FEMA advisory and cross border transaction structuring.

Yes, we specialize in establishing entities in foreign jurisdictions like USA, Singapore, UAE, etc., offering expert guidance through the international setup process to seamlessly expand your business’s global footprint.

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